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JREX 98Joint Rescue Exercise 1998Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to jrex98

  • JROC- Joint Requirements Oversight Council
  • JRSAI- Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
  • JWARS- Joint Warfare System (simulation)
  • JRK- Arsuk Airport
  • JRS- Atarot Airport (Jerusalem International Airport)
  • JRC- Rochester Municipal Heliport
  • JREC- Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition
  • JERK- Junior Educated Rich Kid
  • JAARS- Joint After Action Reporting System
  • JARCC- Joint Air Reconnaissance Control Center
  • JARS- Joint Automated Readiness System
  • JRAC- Joint Rear Area Coordinator
  • JRCC- Joint Reception Coordination Center
  • JREX- Joint Rescue EXercise