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LUS: MeaningCategory
LUSLusanga Airport[Lusanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo]IATA Airport Code
LUSLesser Used SkillEducational abbreviations
LUSLesser Used SkillsMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to lus

  • LZW- Lempel-Ziv-Welch
  • LAAS- Local Area Augmentation System
  • LOC- Localizer
  • LX- Lightning
  • LOS- Length of stay
  • LSA- Legislative Service Agency
  • LAAG- light anti-aircraft gun
  • LACA- Landing Craft Air Cushion
  • LAG- Light Artillery Gun
  • LC- Laser Collimator
  • LCS- Loader Control System
  • LCU- Landing Craft Utility
  • LSS- Lightweight Shotgun System
  • LSW- Light Support Weapon
  • LWC- Lead Wad Cutter
  • LWS- laser warning system
  • LZ- landing zone
  • LOAC- Law of Armed Conflict