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LUSTLeaking Underground Storage TankMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to lust

  • LCID- Locale Identifier
  • LCD- Liquid crystal display
  • LOSAT- Line Of Sight Anti-Tank
  • LEGAD- Legal Advice
  • LSAT- Law School Admission Test (often pronounced as "el-SAT")
  • LSD- Landing Ship, Dock (Navy hull classification)
  • LSST- Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
  • LST- Landing Ship, Tank (World War
  • LACT- Lease Automatic Custody Transfer
  • LGT- Gaviotas Airport
  • LGD- La Grande/Union County Airport
  • LKD- Lakeland Downs Airport
  • LKT- Lakota Airport
  • LZD- Lanzhou East Airport