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MAC: Meaning Category
MAC Medicare Administrative Contractor healthcare
MAC Medium Armored Car (US) military
MAC Military Airlift Command military
MAC Military Advisory Council ghana
MAC Macau (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
MAC U.S. Military Airlift Command (1966–1992) Acronym
MAC Mid-American Conference Acronym
MAC Mycobacterium avium complex acronyms for diseases and disorders
MAC Multipole Acoustic Log oil&gas
MAC Macon Downtown Airport [Macon, Georgia, United States] IATA Airport Code
MAC (observing program) Multi instrument Aircraft Campaign, a program to study the cometary dust from the Leonids meteor showers astronomy
MAC mid-air collision aerospace
MAC Mandatory Access Control computing
MAC Media Access Control computing
MAC Media access control [Link layer] IT
MAC Mobile Analytical Chemical Chemistry abbreviations
MAC Mac Apple Corps Community abbreviations
MAC Make Activities Count Community abbreviations
MAC Menasha Action Council Community abbreviations
MAC Mississippi Access to Care Community abbreviations
MAC Making Activities Count Educational abbreviations
MAC Minority Achievement Committee Educational abbreviations
MAC Maximum Allowable Concentration Electronics abbreviations
MAC Multiplexed Analogue Components Electronics abbreviations
MAC Motorola Advanced Computer computing abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Multiple Architecture Computer computing abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Media Action Committee media abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Multiplexed Analog Components media abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Maintenance Allocation Chart Military abbreviations
MAC Make A Change Military abbreviations
MAC Maneuver Area Command Military abbreviations
MAC Message Authentication Code Military abbreviations
MAC Military Airlift Command (Now Air Mobility Command) Military abbreviations
MAC Military Assistance Command Military abbreviations
MAC Mission Assurance Category Military abbreviations
MAC Mortuary Affairs Center Military abbreviations
MAC Missions Across Canada Non-Profit Organizations
MAC MAC Address Collector software abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Machine Aided Cognition software abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Move, Add, or Change software abbreviations and acronyms
MAC Marshall Always Champion sports abbreviations
MAC Marshall And Challengers sports abbreviations
MAC Marshall Athletic Conference sports abbreviations
MAC Mid America Conference sports abbreviations
MAC Multnomah Athletic Club sports abbreviations
MAC Man And Computer University abbreviations
MAC Mathematics Access Centre University abbreviations
MAC Mathematics And Computation University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to mac

  • MNCC - Malaysian National Computer Confederation
  • MS - Microsoft
  • MIC - Microphone
  • MSA - Minimum safe altitude
  • MSG - Message
  • MSSS - Mode S-Specific Services
  • MCO - Managed care organization
  • MSO - Management service organization
  • mEq. - Milliequivalent
  • MHSA - Master of Health Services Administration
  • MSW - Master of Social Work
  • m/s - metres per second
  • MACS - Modular Artillery Charge System
  • MAG - Marine Aircraft Group
  • MASS - Marine Air Support Squadron
  • MCS - Microclimate Conditioning System