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MACS: Meaning Category
MACS Modular Artillery Charge System military
MACS Marine Air Control Squadron military
MACS (catalogue) Magellanic Catalogue of Stars astronomy
MACS Magnetic Cell Separation Chemistry abbreviations
MACS Motorola Advanced Computer System computing abbreviations and acronyms
MACS Military Air Command Series Military abbreviations
MACS Mobile Armored Crew Station Military abbreviations
MACS Modular Artillery Charge System (artillery) Military abbreviations
MACS Micro and Anophthalmic Children's Society Non-Profit Organizations
MACS Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland Non-Profit Organizations
MACS Martial Arts Collective Society sports abbreviations
MACS Mid-Atlantic Championship Series sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to macs

  • MNCC - Malaysian National Computer Confederation
  • MS - Microsoft
  • MIC - Microphone
  • MSA - Minimum safe altitude
  • MSG - Message
  • MSSS - Mode S-Specific Services
  • MAC - Medicare Administrative Contractor
  • MCO - Managed care organization
  • MSO - Management service organization
  • mEq. - Milliequivalent
  • MHSA - Master of Health Services Administration
  • MSW - Master of Social Work
  • m/s - metres per second
  • MAG - Marine Aircraft Group
  • MASS - Marine Air Support Squadron
  • MCS - Microclimate Conditioning System