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MIC Microphone avionics
MIC Military Industrial Complex Acronym
MIC Crystal Airport [Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States] IATA Airport Code
MIC minimum inhibitory concentration Chemistry abbreviations
MIC Mind Image Creativity Community abbreviations
MIC MICROPHONE Electronics abbreviations
MIC Monolithic Integrated Circuit Electronics abbreviations
MIC microphone media abbreviations and acronyms
MIC Movie Item Collection media abbreviations and acronyms
MIC Man In Charge Military abbreviations
MIC Management Indicator Code Military abbreviations
MIC Multinational Interoperability Council Military abbreviations
MIC Make It Count sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to mic

  • MNCC - Malaysian National Computer Confederation
  • MS - Microsoft
  • MSA - Minimum safe altitude
  • MSG - Message
  • MSSS - Mode S-Specific Services
  • MAC - Medicare Administrative Contractor
  • MCO - Managed care organization
  • MSO - Management service organization
  • mEq. - Milliequivalent
  • MHSA - Master of Health Services Administration
  • MSW - Master of Social Work
  • m/s - metres per second
  • MACS - Modular Artillery Charge System
  • MAG - Marine Aircraft Group
  • MASS - Marine Air Support Squadron