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MMB: Meaning Category
MMB Memanbetsu Airport [Kitami, Japan] IATA Airport Code
MMB More Most And Best Community abbreviations
MMB Middle Mouse Button computing abbreviations and acronyms
MMB Mouse Middle Button computing abbreviations and acronyms
MMB My Masterful Bulletin media abbreviations and acronyms
MMB Mississippi Marine Brigade Military abbreviations
MMB Mott Memorial Building University abbreviations
MMB Mountaineer Marching Band ( West Virginia University) University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to mmb

  • 201MIB - 201st Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 201MIBA - 201st Military Intelligence Battalion Association
  • 28MAVI - 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  • 3MVI - 3rd Regiment Infantry Maryland Volunteers
  • 504MPBA - 504th Military Police Battalion Association
  • 8MBA - Eight Mile Boulevard Association
  • M3V - Mobile Medical Mentoring Vehicle
  • MAAF - Malayan Auxiliary Air Force
  • MAAP - Master Air Attack Plan
  • MAB - Marine Amphibious Brigade
  • MAEB - Mean Area of Effectiveness For Blast
  • MAEF - Mean Area of Effectiveness For Fragments
  • MAE UAV - Medium Altitude Endurance UAV
  • MAF - Marine Amphibious Force
  • MAFA - Midwest Association of Filipino Americans
  • MAFB - Maxwell Air Force Base
  • MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (various countries)
  • MAFI - MedicAlert Foundation International
  • MAFIA - Master's Administration For Incredible Artists
  • MAIB - Messing About In Boats Magazine