Found 40 abbreviations in 3 groups
M.R.: Meaning Category
M.R. Missionarius Rector ("Missionary Rector") ecclesiastical
mr: Meaning Category
mr Marathi language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
MR: Meaning Category
MR Medium Range military
MR Mauritania (FIPS 10-4 country code; ISO 3166 digram) Acronym
MR ATGW|| Medium-Range Anti-Tank Guided Weapon Acronym
MR Marine Riser oil&gas
MR Morning Report oil&gas
MR Maddox rod optometric
MR Mica Reactive Chemistry abbreviations
MR Moderately Resistant Chemistry abbreviations
MR Molar Refractivity Chemistry abbreviations
MR Medical Rescue Community abbreviations
MR Mother's Respite Community abbreviations
MR Multimedia Resource Educational abbreviations
MR Magnetic Resonance Electronics abbreviations
MR Magneto-Resistance Electronics abbreviations
MR Microwave Radiometer Electronics abbreviations
MR Maintenance Release computing abbreviations and acronyms
MR Master Reset computing abbreviations and acronyms
MR Medicinskiy Rynok (Medicine Market) media abbreviations and acronyms
MR Midnight Reign media abbreviations and acronyms
MR Mike and Rich media abbreviations and acronyms
MR Mixed Review media abbreviations and acronyms
MR Morningstar Rating media abbreviations and acronyms
MR Machine Room Military abbreviations
MR Maintenance Ratio Military abbreviations
MR Material Requirements Military abbreviations
MR Maximum Rounds Military abbreviations
MR Military Road Military abbreviations
MR Milk Run Military abbreviations
MR Milliradian Military abbreviations
MR Miss Rate Military abbreviations
MR Mister Military abbreviations
MR Mobile Reserve Military abbreviations
MR Medium Runner sports abbreviations
MR Medley Relay sports abbreviations
MR Middle Relief sports abbreviations
MR Mitsubishi Racing sports abbreviations
MR Mountain Rider sports abbreviations
MR Multiclass Ranking University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to mr

  • MAER - Multiple Assets Effectiveness Report
  • MAHR - Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights
  • MAR - Micro Assault Rifle
  • MARA - Maralog
  • MARE - Major Accident Response Exercise
  • MARRA - Scratch, Dent, Deface.
  • MER - Mars Exploration Rover
  • MERIE - Magnetically Enhanced Reactive Ion Etching
  • MEUR - Monthly Equipment Utilization Report
  • MHR - Sacramento Mather Airport
  • MHRA - (UK) Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • MIR - Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport
  • MIRA - MILAN Infra-Red Acquisition (thermal sight)
  • MIRE - Monochromatic Infra Red Energy
  • MIRR - Material Inspection Receiving Report
  • MIRU - Move In and Rig Up
  • MMEWR - Minimum Mission-Essential Wartime Requirements
  • MMOR - Master of Management in Operations Research
  • MMR - Medium Mortar Regiment
  • MMRI - Multi-dimensional Model of Racial Identity