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MSG: Meaning Category
MSG Message avionics
MSG Mission Support Group Airforce
MSG MonoSodium Glutamate Acronym
MSG Madison Square Garden (either the 1879, 1890, 1925, or current versions of the venue) Acronym
MSG Mary's Secret Garden Community abbreviations
MSG Men's Small Group Community abbreviations
MSG monosodium glutamate Community abbreviations
MSG My Star Gardens Community abbreviations
MSG Madison Square Garden media abbreviations and acronyms
MSG My Summer Girl media abbreviations and acronyms
MSG Master Sergeant Military abbreviations
MSG Militarisch Scharfschutzen Gewehr Military abbreviations
MSG Multi- Source Group Military abbreviations
MSG Management Steering Group software abbreviations and acronyms
MSG Mcmurry Student Government University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to msg

  • MNCC - Malaysian National Computer Confederation
  • MS - Microsoft
  • MIC - Microphone
  • MSA - Minimum safe altitude
  • MSSS - Mode S-Specific Services
  • MAC - Medicare Administrative Contractor
  • MCO - Managed care organization
  • MSO - Management service organization
  • mEq. - Milliequivalent
  • MHSA - Master of Health Services Administration
  • MSW - Master of Social Work
  • m/s - metres per second
  • MACS - Modular Artillery Charge System
  • MAG - Marine Aircraft Group
  • MASS - Marine Air Support Squadron