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MYS: Meaning Category
MYS Malaysia (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
MYS Moyale Airport [Moyale, Ethiopia] IATA Airport Code
MYS MYStery media abbreviations and acronyms
MYS Munford Youth Sports sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to mys

  • 15MG - 15 Militia Group
  • 1MC - General Announcing System
  • 1MX - 1st Battalion The Middlesex Regiment
  • 28MASHA - 28th Military Airlift Squadron Historical Association
  • 2MASS - (observing program/catalog) Two-Micron All Sky Survey, an all-sky survey in the near-infrared; also, the catalog of sources from the survey
  • 2MASSI - (catalog) Two-Micron All Sky Survey, Incremental release, one of the versions of the 2MASS catalog
  • 2MASSW - (catalog) Two-Micron All Sky Survey, Working database, one of the versions of the 2MASS catalog
  • 3MC - Maintenance Material Management Coordinator
  • M2S - Multi-Mission Seeker
  • MAAC - Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
  • MAAG - Military Assistance and Advisory Group
  • MAAS - Multicast Address Allocation Server
  • MAC - Medicare Administrative Contractor
  • MACA - Military Aid to the Civil Authorities
  • MACC - Maui Arts and Cultural Center
  • MACCS - Marine Air Command and Control System
  • MACE - Multi-Agent Computing Environment
  • MACG - Marine Air Control Group
  • MACH - Microsoft Academy for College Hires
  • MACHO - MAssive Compact Halo Object