Found 17 abbreviations in 2 groups
NaF: MeaningCategory
NaFSodium fluorideChemistry abbreviations
NAF: MeaningCategory
NAFNumbered Air ForceAirforce
NAFNATO Architecture Framework|| Naval Air FacilityAcronym
NAFNewark Air ForceChemistry abbreviations
NAFNew And ForeverCommunity abbreviations
NAFNon Adjacent Formcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
NAFNot Another Fontcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
NAFNato Architecture FrameworkMilitary abbreviations
NAFNaval Air FacilityMilitary abbreviations
NAFNigerian Air forceMilitary abbreviations
NAFNon-Appropriated FundsMilitary abbreviations
NAFNonappropriated FundsMilitary abbreviations
NAFNational Abortion FederationNon-Profit Organizations
NAFNational Academy FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
NAFNational AIDS ForumNon-Profit Organizations
NAFNational AIDS FundNon-Profit Organizations
NAFNational Ataxia FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
NAFNaval Aviation FoundationNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to naf

  • NAV- Navigation receiver
  • NFF- No fault found
  • NPA- Non-precision approach
  • NB- Newborn
  • NF- Nursing facility
  • NP- Nurse practitioner
  • NPI- National Provider Identifier
  • NIPP- National Infrastructure Protection Plan
  • NV- Night Vision
  • NVE- Night Vision Equipment
  • NUB- New Useless Bitch (reference for new person on station; contraction from newbie (which was originally new boy), and then backronymed)
  • NFO- Naval Flight Officer / Normal Fuel Oil
  • NEB- National Energy Board
  • NIB- National Investment Bank
  • NIP- New Independence Party / National Independence Party
  • NNP- Nkrumah National Party
  • NPP- New Patriotic Party