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nav: MeaningCategory
navNavajo language (ISO 639-2 code)Acronym
NAV: MeaningCategory
NAVNavigation receiveravionics
NAVKapadokya Airport[Nevsehir, Turkey]IATA Airport Code
NAVNet asset valuebusiness
NAVNavigationElectronics abbreviations
NAVNorton Anti Viruscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
NAVNavalMilitary abbreviations
NAVNavigatorMilitary abbreviations
NAVNavyMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to nav

  • NFF- No fault found
  • NPA- Non-precision approach
  • NB- Newborn
  • NF- Nursing facility
  • NP- Nurse practitioner
  • NPI- National Provider Identifier
  • NIPP- National Infrastructure Protection Plan
  • NV- Night Vision
  • NVE- Night Vision Equipment
  • NAF- Numbered Air Force
  • NUB- New Useless Bitch (reference for new person on station; contraction from newbie (which was originally new boy), and then backronymed)
  • NFO- Naval Flight Officer / Normal Fuel Oil
  • NEB- National Energy Board
  • NIB- National Investment Bank
  • NIP- New Independence Party / National Independence Party
  • NNP- Nkrumah National Party
  • NPP- New Patriotic Party