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nb: MeaningCategory
nbNorwegian Bokmål language (ISO 639-1 code)Acronym
Nb: MeaningCategory
NB: MeaningCategory
NBNew Brunswick (postal symbol)|| nota bene (Latin, "mark well")Acronym
NBNominal Boreoil&gas
NBNiobiumChemistry abbreviations
NBNimbian BrotherCommunity abbreviations
NBNo BreakEducational abbreviations
NBNews BulletinElectronics abbreviations
NBNoise BlankerElectronics abbreviations
NBNon Blankcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
NBNo Broadcastmedia abbreviations and acronyms
NBNote Benemedia abbreviations and acronyms
NBNarrowBandMilitary abbreviations
NBNew BloodMilitary abbreviations
NBNorth BeachMilitary abbreviations
NBNigeria BestNon-Profit Organizations
NBNetBallsports abbreviations
NBNo Ballsports abbreviations
NBNon Blockingsports abbreviations
NBNursing BuildingUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to nb

  • NAV- Navigation receiver
  • NFF- No fault found
  • NPA- Non-precision approach
  • NF- Nursing facility
  • NP- Nurse practitioner
  • NPI- National Provider Identifier
  • NIPP- National Infrastructure Protection Plan
  • NV- Night Vision
  • NVE- Night Vision Equipment
  • NAF- Numbered Air Force
  • NUB- New Useless Bitch (reference for new person on station; contraction from newbie (which was originally new boy), and then backronymed)
  • NFO- Naval Flight Officer / Normal Fuel Oil
  • NEB- National Energy Board
  • NIB- National Investment Bank
  • NIP- New Independence Party / National Independence Party
  • NNP- Nkrumah National Party
  • NPP- New Patriotic Party