Found 18 abbreviations in 2 groups
Np: MeaningCategory
NpNeap tide (nautical charts)|| NeptuniumAcronym
NpNeptuniumElectronics abbreviations
NP: MeaningCategory
NPNurse practitionerhealthcare
NPNationalist Partyghana
NPNational Permit||A permit in India for trucks so they can go anywhere in the nationAcronym
NPNepal (ISO 3166 and FIPS 10-4 country code digram)Acronym
NPNiemann–Pick diseaseacronyms for diseases and disorders
NPNon Producing well (as opposed to P Producing well)oil&gas
NPNondeterministic Polynomial timecomputing
NPNeptuniumChemistry abbreviations
NPNucleus PluginChemistry abbreviations
NPNo PictureElectronics abbreviations
NPNot Paginatedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
NPNow Playingmedia abbreviations and acronyms
NPNo PhosphorusMilitary abbreviations
NPNon PortableMilitary abbreviations
NPNonproliferationMilitary abbreviations
NPNon ProfitNon-Profit Organizations
NPNumber of Pitchessports abbreviations
NPNew ProgramsUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to np

  • NAV- Navigation receiver
  • NFF- No fault found
  • NPA- Non-precision approach
  • NB- Newborn
  • NF- Nursing facility
  • NPI- National Provider Identifier
  • NIPP- National Infrastructure Protection Plan
  • NV- Night Vision
  • NVE- Night Vision Equipment
  • NAF- Numbered Air Force
  • NUB- New Useless Bitch (reference for new person on station; contraction from newbie (which was originally new boy), and then backronymed)
  • NFO- Naval Flight Officer / Normal Fuel Oil
  • NEB- National Energy Board
  • NIB- National Investment Bank
  • NIP- New Independence Party / National Independence Party
  • NNP- Nkrumah National Party
  • NPP- New Patriotic Party
  • NYEP- National Youth Employment Program