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Abbreviations similar to oaipmh

  • OAFME - Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner
  • OBEM - Object-Based Equipment Model
  • OBM - Oil-Based Mud
  • OBN - Old Boys Network
  • O.F.M. - Ordo Fratrum Minorum (Observant Franciscans)
  • OFN - Old Folks Night
  • OPEN - Online Park Enrollment Network
  • OPM - Open Peoples Minds
  • OPME - Officer Professional Military Education
  • OPN - Oregon Public Networking
  • OPPM - Overlapping Pulse Position Modulation
  • OVIEM - 'OVIEM', Antiquated OE expression for, Movie, cinema, flix, flicks, video, DVD, picture-show, cel-show, cel-trac. pitcher-show, 'star-trak', ducu-drama, docu-men-terry, dock-ure-wallet, 'doze-domain', 'holdurehand hangout', 'trivial-trailer-trash', 'succumbing detractionz', 'midnite whoreor phillumz', 'Dubbel FEE-CHUREZ', 'Depresshun bank-nites', 'pop-korn pistol-pakkerz', 'shoot-em-up showz', 'kow-boy kartoonz', 'MOVIETUNE NUZE', 'FOLLO-DE-DOTZ-ZINGALONG', 'MUTHERZ-NITEOUT', 'BABBYSITTERBASH', 'LATE-SHOW', 'MIDNITE-MADNESS', 'TRIPLE EX', 'KIDZ-INFREE MATINEE',
  • OVM - Organic Vapor Monitor
  • OVN - Oracle Venture Network