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OCUOperational Centre Unitmilitary
OCUObjective C Usecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
OCUOptical Character Unitcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
OCUOfficer's Christian UnionMilitary abbreviations
OCUOperator Control UnitMilitary abbreviations
OCUOrder wire Control UnitMilitary abbreviations
OCUOrderwire Control Unit (Types I, II, and III)Military abbreviations
OCUOklahoma City UniversityUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ocu

  • OS- Operating System
  • OSI- Open Source Initiative
  • OCC- Operations Control Center
  • OIG- Office of Inspector General
  • OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • OCSW- Objective Crew-Served Weapon
  • OEG- Occluded Eye Gunsight (a type of Collimator sight)
  • OHWS- Offensive Hand Weapon System
  • OIC- Officer In Charge
  • OICW- Objective Individual Combat Weapon
  • OSW- Objective Sniper Weapon
  • OG- Operations Group
  • OSS- Operations Support Squadron
  • OCS- Officer Candidate School, located at Naval Station Newport
  • OSA- Overseas Contingency Operation Support Assignments
  • OAC- Organization for African Community