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OG: Meaning Category
OG Operations Group Airforce
OG Objective Glass, see Objective (optics) Acronym
OG Obstetrics and gynaecology Acronym
OG Offensive Guard, see Guard (American football) Acronym
OG Old Giggleswickian, a former pupil of Giggleswick School Acronym
OG Old Gower, a former pupil of University College School Acronym
OG Old Gregorian, a former pupil of Downside School Acronym
OG Old Greshamian, a former pupil of Gresham's School Acronym
OG Old Gold, a dark yellow Acronym
OG Olympic Games Acronym
OG Original Gangster, see Gangster Acronym
OG Original Gravity, see Gravity (beer) Acronym
OG Outpost Gallifrey, a Doctor Who fansite. Acronym
OG Own goal, in soccer, a goal scored by a player in their own side's goal Acronym
OG OG: Optimized Gaia, theory the earth optimizes itself to promote life, and popular movement to Promote Human Progress in Harmony with the Natural World. Acronym
OG OG: Original Gangster, an album by Ice-T Acronym
OG Own Goal sports
OG Original Gangster Community abbreviations
OG Official Gazette media abbreviations and acronyms
OG The Ornithology Group Non-Profit Organizations
OG Output Grammar software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to og

  • OS - Operating System
  • OSI - Open Source Initiative
  • OCC - Operations Control Center
  • OIG - Office of Inspector General
  • OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • OCSW - Objective Crew-Served Weapon
  • OCU - Operational Centre Unit
  • OEG - Occluded Eye Gunsight (a type of Collimator sight)
  • OHWS - Offensive Hand Weapon System
  • OIC - Officer In Charge
  • OICW - Objective Individual Combat Weapon
  • OSW - Objective Sniper Weapon
  • OSS - Operations Support Squadron
  • OCS - Officer Candidate School, located at Naval Station Newport
  • OSA - Overseas Contingency Operation Support Assignments
  • OAC - Organization for African Community