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OID: MeaningCategory
OIDObject Identifiercomputing
OIDObject IDentificationElectronics abbreviations
OIDObject IDentifiercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
OIDOperation Order (OPORD) IdentificationMilitary abbreviations
OIDOffice of Instructional DevelopmentUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to oid

  • ODT- OpenDocument Text
  • OAT- Outside air temperature
  • OT- Occupational therapy
  • OD- Doctor of Optometry
  • ODE- Ordnance Development and Engineering (Singapore)
  • OOTW- Operations Other Than War
  • OTA- overflight top attack
  • OTEA- Operational Test and Evaluation Agency (US)
  • OODA- Observe Orient Decide Act
  • OT&E- Operational Test and Evaluation
  • OOD- Officer of the Deck
  • OATUU- Organization of African Trade Union Unity
  • ODI- Office for Disability Issues (UK government agency)