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PACS Picture archiving and communication system healthcare
PACS Penobscot Area Community Site Community abbreviations
PACS Public- Access Computer System Community abbreviations
PACS Personal Access Communications System computing abbreviations and acronyms
PACS Philadelphia Area Computer Society computing abbreviations and acronyms
PACS Picture Archiving and Communications System computing abbreviations and acronyms
PACS Patriot Act Communications System Military abbreviations
PACS Personal Air Conditioning System Military abbreviations
PACS Picture Archiving And Communication Software software abbreviations and acronyms
PACS Peacemaking And Conflict Studies University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pacs

  • PAG - Patent Advisory Group
  • PAS - Publicly Available Specification
  • PC - Personal Computer
  • PPC - Power Personal Computer
  • POS - Position
  • PSU - Passenger service unit
  • PFFS - Private fee-for-service
  • PHS - Public health services
  • PPS - Prospective payment system
  • PSO - Provider sponsored organization
  • PSA - Prostate-specific antigen
  • PCC - Police Compact Carbine
  • PCI - Pre-combat inspection
  • PEC - Printed Electronic Circuits
  • PFPX - prefragmented proximity fuzed
  • PSS - Primary Sight System