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PAD: MeaningCategory
PADPaderborn/Lippstadt Airport[Paderborn, Germany]IATA Airport Code
PADPublic Access to DefibrillationCommunity abbreviations
PADPatience And DisciplineEducational abbreviations
PADPublic Access To DefibrillatorsEducational abbreviations
PADPacket Assembly Disassemblycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PADPicture A Daycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PADPortable Application Descriptioncomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PADPatient Administration DirectorMilitary abbreviations
PADPayload And DeliveryMilitary abbreviations
PADPersonnel Administration for DivisionsMilitary abbreviations
PADPipe Acquisition DisorderMilitary abbreviations
PADPositional AdjustmentMilitary abbreviations
PADPre Advisory DataMilitary abbreviations
PADPrecision Aircraft DirectionMilitary abbreviations
PADProduction Assurance DirectorateMilitary abbreviations
PADPresidents And Academic DeansUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pad

  • PDA- Personal Digital Assistant
  • PPT- PowerPoint
  • PD- Profile descent
  • PFD- Primary flight display or primary flight director
  • PTT- Push-to-talk
  • PET- Positron emission tomography
  • PT- Physical therapy
  • PAT- Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
  • Ped.- Pediatrics; also Pediatrician
  • PDW- Personal Defence Weapon
  • PIAT- Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank
  • PID- Positive Identification
  • PTO- power take-off
  • PFT- Physical Fitness Test
  • PITT- Person In need of Technical Training