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Pbr.: Meaning Category
Pbr. Presbyter ("Priest") ecclesiastical
PBR: Meaning Category
PBR Pabst Blue Ribbon (beer brand) Acronym
PBR Professional Bull Riders Acronym
PBR Polished Bore Receptacle (component of a completion string) oil&gas
PBR pebble bed reactor (nuclear) energy
PBR performance based rates (electricity) energy
PBR Performance based regulation energy
PBR Patrol Boat, River Military abbreviations
PBR Pace Balanced Rating sports abbreviations
PBR Professional Barrel Racer sports abbreviations
PBR Professional Bike Rider sports abbreviations
PBR Professional Bull Riding sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pbr

  • PAIR - Personal Assessment of Intimacy in Relationships
  • PAR - Precision approach radar
  • PARA - PARAgraph
  • PARI - Positive Alternative Radio, Inc.
  • PARR - Program Analysis and Resource Review
  • PEAR - Personal Education Assistance And Referral
  • PEER - Primary Emotional Energy Recovery
  • PER - Peru (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • PERA - Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture
  • PERE - Person Eligible to Receive Effects
  • PERI - Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute
  • PERR - Preliminary Engineering Research Report
  • PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility
  • PFR - Plug-Flow Reactor
  • PHR - Personal Health Record
  • PHRA - Physical Health Re-Assessment
  • PHRE - Preventive Human Rights Education
  • PHUR - Pets Helping Us Recover
  • PIER - Public Interest Energy Research (CEC)
  • PIHRA - Professionals In Human Resources Association