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PCT: MeaningCategory
PCTPrimary Care Trust (UK)Medical-organisations
PCTPacific Crest TrailAcronym
PCTPatent Cooperation TreatyAcronym
PCTPorphyria cutanea tardaacronyms for diseases and disorders
PCTPrinceton Airport (FAA: 39N)[Princeton/Rocky Hill, New Jersey, United States]IATA Airport Code
PCTProgrammable Communicating Thermostat (electricity)energy
PCTPittsburgh Cultural TrustCommunity abbreviations
PCTPublic Charitable TrustCommunity abbreviations
PCTPersonalized Computer TutoringEducational abbreviations
PCTProcess Change TeamElectronics abbreviations
PCTPrivate Communication Technologycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PCTProgram Control Tablecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PCTPest Control Technology Magazinemedia abbreviations and acronyms
PCTPersonnel Control TeamMilitary abbreviations
PCTPocket Combat TwinMilitary abbreviations
PCTPaddle Cycle Trainsports abbreviations
PCTPercentsports abbreviations
PCTPro Cycling Toursports abbreviations
PCTPennsylvania College of TechnologyUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pct

  • P-Code- GPS precision code
  • PSD- Propulsion System Demonstrator
  • PASGT- Personnel Armor System, Ground Troops
  • PCSSD- Pulaski County Special School District
  • PCTE- Portable Common Tool Environment
  • PEST- UK Public Engagement with Science and Technology
  • PGD- Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis
  • PKT- Pulemet Kalashnikova Tankoviy (Russian ПКТ пулемет Калашникова танковый, "Machinegun Kalashnikov Tank")[1]
  • POCD- Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction
  • PPQT- Pre-Production Qualification Test
  • PST- Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8 hours)
  • POSTW- Post Well Appraisal Report
  • PKD- Park Rapids Municipal Airport (Konshok Field)
  • PCD- Prairie du Chien Municipal Airport (FAA: PDC)