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P.E. physical education Educational abbreviations
PE: Meaning Category
PE MoD Procurement Executive (UK) military
PE Peace Enforcement (US DoD) military
PE Ice Pellets (old style METAR Code)||Peru (ISO 3166 and FIPS 10-4 country code digram)|| Physical Education||Premature Ejaculation|| Prince Edward Island (postal code)||Price to Earning ratio (used for equity shares)||Plant Extract Acronym
PE Petroleum Engineer oil&gas
PE Professional Engineer oil&gas
PE Polyethylene oil&gas
PE Physical Extents computing
PE Poly Ethylene Chemistry abbreviations
PE Positive Experience Community abbreviations
PE physical education Educational abbreviations
PE Population Equivalent Educational abbreviations
PE PiezoElectric Electronics abbreviations
PE Power Envelope Electronics abbreviations
PE Portable Executable computing abbreviations and acronyms
PE Preinstallation Environment computing abbreviations and acronyms
PE Print Environment computing abbreviations and acronyms
PE Project Entropia computing abbreviations and acronyms
PE Protection Enabled computing abbreviations and acronyms
PE Peace Enforcement Military abbreviations
PE Personal Effects Military abbreviations
PE Planning Element Military abbreviations
PE Planning Estimate Military abbreviations
PE Practical Exercise Military abbreviations
PE Predictive Environment Military abbreviations
PE Procurement Executive Military abbreviations
PE Program Element Military abbreviations
PE Premium Edition software abbreviations and acronyms
PE Professional Edition software abbreviations and acronyms
PE physical exercise sports abbreviations
PE Playful Exercise sports abbreviations
PE Presumptive Eligibility sports abbreviations
PE Physical Education University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pe

  • PA - Public address system
  • PHO - Physician hospital organization
  • PPE - Personal protective equipment
  • PPI - Producer price index
  • PPO - Preferred provider organization
  • P&A - Percussion and auscultation
  • PBI - Protein-bound iodine
  • pH - Expression of acidity or alkalinity. pH 7 is neutral;above 7 alkalinity increases; below 7 acidity decreases.
  • P - How pack howitzer
  • P3I - Pre-Planned Product Improvements
  • PFHE - prefragmented high explosive
  • Pi - Probability of incapacitation
  • PIE - pyrotechnically initiated explosive
  • POW - Prisoner(s) of War
  • PVP - Petit Véhicule Protégé
  • PW - Prisoner of War