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PH: Meaning Category
PH Probability of Hit military
PH Passive Homing (missile guidance system)|| petahenry||Philippines (ISO 3166 digram)|| Probability of Hit||Public Health||Purple Heart Acronym
PH Phasor Log oil&gas
PH Pinhole optometric
PH Pondus Hydrogenii Chemistry abbreviations
PH Potassium Hydrogen Chemistry abbreviations
PH Power Of Hydrogen Chemistry abbreviations
PH Probable Helium Chemistry abbreviations
PH Public Health Chemistry abbreviations
PH Public House Community abbreviations
PH Pharmacy Educational abbreviations
PH Perl Header computing abbreviations and acronyms
PH Public Html computing abbreviations and acronyms
PH Place Hold media abbreviations and acronyms
PH Pubic Hair media abbreviations and acronyms
PH Proportional Hazard Military abbreviations
PH Pulmonary Hypertension Military abbreviations
PH Purple Heart Military abbreviations
PH Patch for HP software abbreviations and acronyms
PH Pinch Hitter sports abbreviations
PH Prancing Horse sports abbreviations
PH Pale Headed University abbreviations
pH: Meaning Category
pH Expression of acidity or alkalinity. pH 7 is neutral;above 7 alkalinity increases; below 7 acidity decreases. healthcare
pH parts of hydrogen (acidity/alkalinity index)||picohenry Acronym
pH potential of Hydrogen Chemistry abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ph

  • PA - Public address system
  • PHO - Physician hospital organization
  • PPE - Personal protective equipment
  • PPI - Producer price index
  • PPO - Preferred provider organization
  • P&A - Percussion and auscultation
  • PBI - Protein-bound iodine
  • P - How pack howitzer
  • P3I - Pre-Planned Product Improvements
  • PE - MoD Procurement Executive (UK)
  • PFHE - prefragmented high explosive
  • Pi - Probability of incapacitation
  • PIE - pyrotechnically initiated explosive
  • POW - Prisoner(s) of War
  • PVP - Petit Véhicule Protégé
  • PW - Prisoner of War