Found 10 abbreviations in 2 groups
PL/P: Meaning Category
PL/P Programming Language for Prime computing
PLP: Meaning Category
PLP Platonic Life Partner Acronym
PLP Periodate Lysine Paraformaldehyde Chemistry abbreviations
PLP Power Linking Partners Community abbreviations
PLP Peer Leadership Project Educational abbreviations
PLP Present Level of Performance Educational abbreviations
PLP Packet Level Protocol Military abbreviations
PLP Pre-mobilization Legal Preparation Military abbreviations
PLP Parking Lot Party sports abbreviations
PLP Personal Leaning Post sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to plp

  • PELP - PELican Point
  • PILF - Public Interest Law Foundation
  • PILP - Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursor
  • PLAB - Professional And Linguistic Assessment Board
  • PLAF - People's Liberation Armed Forces||Pluggable look and feel||Product Line Architecture Framework
  • PLB - Personal Locator Beacon
  • PLF - protective line of fire
  • PLHIV - People Living with HIV
  • PLIF - Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence
  • PLOP - Pattern Languages Of Programs
  • PLPA - Pageable Link Pack Area
  • PLV - Palm Lakes Village
  • POLF - Points Of Light Foundation