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PLT: Meaning Category
PLT Production Logging Tool oil&gas
PLT Power Line Telecoms computing
PLT Project Learning Tree Educational abbreviations
PLT Program List Table computing abbreviations and acronyms
PLT Programming Languages Team computing abbreviations and acronyms
PLT Platoon Military abbreviations
PLT Program Library Tape Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to plt

  • PALET - PurpleLeap Active Learning Environment Technology
  • PALT - Procurement Administrative Lead Time
  • PELT - Philippines English Language Teaching
  • PILD - Performance Improvement and Leadership Development
  • PILOT - Payment In Lieu Of Taxes
  • PILT - Person Information Location And Travel
  • PLAD - Plain Language Address Directory
  • PLAID - Precision Location and Identification
  • PLAT - Pilot's Landing Aid Television
  • PLAWD - People Living And Working with Disabilities
  • PLD - Probable Line of Deployment
  • PLET - Pipeline End Termination
  • PLUTO - Pipe Line Under The Ocean
  • POLAD - Political Advice