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POW: Meaning Category
POW Prisoner(s) of War military
POW Plan of the Week Navy
POW Prisoner of War Navy
POW Prisoner of war Acronym
POW Portorož Airport [Portorož, Slovenia] IATA Airport Code
POW People Otherwise Wealthy Community abbreviations
POW Problem Of the Week Educational abbreviations
POW Program of Work Educational abbreviations
POW Purveyors Of Wonder Educational abbreviations
POW Poem Of the Week media abbreviations and acronyms
POW Prisoner Of War Military abbreviations
POW Probability of Warning Military abbreviations
POW Purgatory Oblation Warrior Military abbreviations
POW Played Our Way sports abbreviations
POW Prisoner Of the World sports abbreviations
POW Pro Outlaw Wrestling sports abbreviations
POW Proud Of Winning sports abbreviations
POW Proving Outdoor Works sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pow

  • PA - Public address system
  • PHO - Physician hospital organization
  • PPE - Personal protective equipment
  • PPI - Producer price index
  • PPO - Preferred provider organization
  • P&A - Percussion and auscultation
  • PBI - Protein-bound iodine
  • pH - Expression of acidity or alkalinity. pH 7 is neutral;above 7 alkalinity increases; below 7 acidity decreases.
  • P - How pack howitzer
  • P3I - Pre-Planned Product Improvements
  • PE - MoD Procurement Executive (UK)
  • PFHE - prefragmented high explosive
  • Pi - Probability of incapacitation
  • PIE - pyrotechnically initiated explosive
  • PVP - Petit Véhicule Protégé