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PPM: Meaning Category
PPM Parts Per Million Acronym
PPM Pompano Beach Airpark (FAA: PMP) [Pompano Beach, Florida, United States] IATA Airport Code
PPM (catalog) Positions and Proper Motions, a catalog of the positions and proper motions of stars astronomy
PPM Pollution of Pure Materials Chemistry abbreviations
PPM Pollution Of Pure Materials Electronics abbreviations
PPM Portable PixelMap image format Electronics abbreviations
PPM Pulse Period Modulation Electronics abbreviations
PPM Pulse Position Modulation Electronics abbreviations
PPM Pages Per Minute computing abbreviations and acronyms
PPM Pre Processor Module computing abbreviations and acronyms
PPM Peak Program Meter media abbreviations and acronyms
PPM Portable People Meter media abbreviations and acronyms
PPM Packaged For Patch Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
PPM Perl Package Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
PPM Points Per Mile sports abbreviations
PPM Polytechnic Playing Machine sports abbreviations
ppm: Meaning Category
ppm Parts Per Million Acronym
ppm parts mer million Chemistry abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ppm

  • PAIN - Perfect Alternative Independent Network
  • PAM - Precision Attack Missile
  • PAMM - PeachNet Access Maintenance and Monitoring Charge
  • PAMO - Pregnancy After Marriage Only
  • pan - Punjabi language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • PANNA - Pesticide Action Network North America
  • PBM - Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport
  • PBN - PolyButylene Naphthalate
  • PEM - Puerto Maldonado International Airport
  • PEMH - Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health Programme
  • PEMI - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Isreal
  • PEMM - Physical Education Majors and Minors Club
  • PEMN - PentaErythrityl MonoNitrate
  • PEMU - PolyElectrolyte MUltilayer film
  • PEN - Peruvian sol (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • Penia. - Poenitentia ("Penance", or "repentance")
  • PENN - Professional Educational Notetaking Network
  • Pennie - Penelope
  • PFM - Pure Fucking Magic; Term to refer to a technical problem that somehow resolved itself
  • PFMEA - Process Failure Mode And Effects Analysis