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P.P.P.: Meaning Category
P.P.P. Propria Pecunia Posuit ("Erected at his own expense") ecclesiastical
ppp: Meaning Category
ppp Purchasing power parity energy
PPP: Meaning Category
PPP People's Popular Party ghana
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol Acronym
PPP Purchasing Power Parity Acronym
PPP Whitsunday Coast Airport [Proserpine, Queensland, Australia] IATA Airport Code
PPP Purchasing power parity business
PPP Point-to-point Protocol [Telecom] IT
PPP Parent Partner Program Community abbreviations
PPP Public Purpose Program Community abbreviations
PPP Problem Problem Problem Educational abbreviations
PPP Poster Printer Paper computing abbreviations and acronyms
PPP Paperless Publishing Process media abbreviations and acronyms
PPP Poetical Pleasing Poets media abbreviations and acronyms
PPP Presentation Practice Production media abbreviations and acronyms
PPP Public Purpose Programs media abbreviations and acronyms
PPP Power Projection Platform Military abbreviations
PPP Primary Patch Panel Military abbreviations
PPP Priority Placement Program Military abbreviations
PPP Pusan, Panmunjum, and Pyongyang Military abbreviations
PPP Peace Papers Packet Non-Profit Organizations
PPP Prevention Puppet Project Non-Profit Organizations
PPP Perl Pre Processor software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to ppp

  • 1P - proven reserves
  • 2P - proved and probable reserves
  • 376PFAA - 376th Parachute Field Artillery Association
  • 3P - proved, probable and possible reserves
  • 511PAA - 511th Parachute Infantry Association
  • 7P - prior preparation and precaution prevents piss poor performance, also prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance
  • P - How pack howitzer
  • P2O - Plastic to Oil
  • P2P - Peer-to-peer (networking)
  • P3I - Pre-Planned Product Improvements
  • P3P - Platform for Privacy Preferences
  • P4P - Pound for Pound
  • P60 - (telescope) Palomar 60-inch telescope
  • PA - Public address system
  • PA 6 - Nylon 6 (PolyAmide) (similarly for PA 11, 12, 46, 66, 610)
  • PAA - Position Area for Artillery
  • PAE - Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field)
  • PAH - Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • PAHA - Peel Association for Handicapped Adults
  • PAHO - Pan American Health Organization