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PSD: MeaningCategory
PSDPropulsion System Demonstratormilitary
PSDPlanned Shut-Downoil&gas
PSDPrevention of Significant Deteriorationenergy
PSDParticle Size DistributionChemistry abbreviations
PSDPersonal And Social DevelopmentEducational abbreviations
PSDPractical Self DefenseEducational abbreviations
PSDPosition Sensitive DetectorElectronics abbreviations
PSDPower Spectral DensityElectronics abbreviations
PSDPulse Shape DiscriminationElectronics abbreviations
PSDPerformance Stretching Devicecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PSDPlay Sequence Descriptormedia abbreviations and acronyms
PSDPersonal Security DetailMilitary abbreviations
PSDPersonnel Services DivisionMilitary abbreviations
PSDPersonnel Support DetachmentMilitary abbreviations
PSDPlanning Systems DivisionMilitary abbreviations
PSDPosition Sensing DetectorMilitary abbreviations
PSDPost Security DetachmentMilitary abbreviations
PSDProduct System DemonstrationMilitary abbreviations
PSDPackaged Software Developmentsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to psd

  • P-Code- GPS precision code
  • PCT- Primary Care Trust (UK)
  • PASGT- Personnel Armor System, Ground Troops
  • PCSSD- Pulaski County Special School District
  • PCTE- Portable Common Tool Environment
  • PEST- UK Public Engagement with Science and Technology
  • PGD- Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis
  • PKT- Pulemet Kalashnikova Tankoviy (Russian ПКТ пулемет Калашникова танковый, "Machinegun Kalashnikov Tank")[1]
  • POCD- Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction
  • PPQT- Pre-Production Qualification Test
  • PST- Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8 hours)
  • POSTW- Post Well Appraisal Report
  • PKD- Park Rapids Municipal Airport (Konshok Field)
  • PCD- Prairie du Chien Municipal Airport (FAA: PDC)