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Pt: MeaningCategory
pt: MeaningCategory
ptPortuguese language (ISO 639-1 code)Acronym
pT: MeaningCategory
PT: MeaningCategory
PTPhysical therapyhealthcare
PTPhysical TrainingNavy
PTpetatesla|| Physical Training (in the Army)|| Portugal (ISO 3166 digram)Acronym
PTPhase TransitionChemistry abbreviations
PTPressure TransducerChemistry abbreviations
PTParty TimeCommunity abbreviations
PTPledge TogethernessCommunity abbreviations
PTPublic TransportationCommunity abbreviations
PTPhysical TherapyEducational abbreviations
PTPotty TrainingEducational abbreviations
PTPre-TestEducational abbreviations
PTPrincipals of TechnologyEducational abbreviations
PTPeak to TroughElectronics abbreviations
PTPivoting TweeterElectronics abbreviations
PTPositional ToleranceElectronics abbreviations
PTPotential TransformerElectronics abbreviations
PTPower TestElectronics abbreviations
PTPowered Towercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PTPrint Threadcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PTProject Templatecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
PTPicture Titlemedia abbreviations and acronyms
PTPublication Typemedia abbreviations and acronyms
PTPatrol TorpedoMilitary abbreviations
PTPeace TimeMilitary abbreviations
PTPersonal TouchMilitary abbreviations
PTPersonal TrainingMilitary abbreviations
PTPlain TextMilitary abbreviations
PTPLRS TerminalMilitary abbreviations
PTPointMilitary abbreviations
PTPrivate TypeMilitary abbreviations
PTPure TortureMilitary abbreviations
PTProcess Trackersoftware abbreviations and acronyms
PTPhysically Trainsports abbreviations
PTPool Timesports abbreviations
PTPower Toursports abbreviations
PTPro Trajectorysports abbreviations
PTPure Tournamentsports abbreviations
PTPractice TestUniversity abbreviations
PTPrepared ThoroughlyUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to pt

  • PDA- Personal Digital Assistant
  • PPT- PowerPoint
  • PD- Profile descent
  • PFD- Primary flight display or primary flight director
  • PTT- Push-to-talk
  • PET- Positron emission tomography
  • PAT- Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
  • Ped.- Pediatrics; also Pediatrician
  • PDW- Personal Defence Weapon
  • PIAT- Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank
  • PID- Positive Identification
  • PTO- power take-off
  • PFT- Physical Fitness Test
  • PITT- Person In need of Technical Training
  • PDHA- Post-Deployment Health Assessment