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Abbreviations similar to qba

  • QCB - Quick Change Barrel
  • QAF - Quality Air Force
  • Qweep - A task or duty that is completely useless and ultimately unrelated to your primary job. It is often assigned by superiors not of your career field as they assume that you have time to constantly work these tasks. Example: "I have a lot of qweep to do before I go home." "I need to finish all of this qweep before I can go fly."
  • QAP - Quadripartite Advisory Publication ("kwapp")
  • QB - Quarterback (football)
  • QFE - Quoted For Emphasis|| Local ground level atmospheric pressure (aeronautical Q code)
  • QIP - Quadrilateral Interoperability Programme (ancestor of MIP; "quip")
  • QUB - Queen's University Belfast
  • qv - quod vide (Latin "which see")
  • QUV - Aappilattoq Heliport (Kujalleq)
  • QSF - Ain Arnat Airport
  • QXB - Aix Les Milles Airport
  • QFO - Duxford Airport
  • QPA - Padua Airport
  • QVB - União da Vitória Airport
  • QBO - (astrophysics terminology) Quasi-Biennial Oscillation, a type of season variation in the Earth's atmosphere
  • QPO - (astrophysics terminology) Quasi-Periodic Oscillation
  • QFP - Quad Flat Package