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RB: Meaning Category
RB Running Back (football) Acronym
RB Right Back sports
RB Resistance Barrier Electronics abbreviations
RB Rubberized Base Electronics abbreviations
RB Registry Backup computing abbreviations and acronyms
RB Rounded Box computing abbreviations and acronyms
RB Requires Bind media abbreviations and acronyms
RB Review Board Military abbreviations
RB Short-Range Coastal or River Boat Military abbreviations
RB Std Rubidium Standard Military abbreviations
RB Record Book sports abbreviations
RB Record Breaker sports abbreviations
RB Record Breaking sports abbreviations
RB Rich Baller sports abbreviations
RB Rubber Ball sports abbreviations
RB Running Back sports abbreviations
RB Research Board University abbreviations
Rb: Meaning Category
Rb Rubidium Acronym

Abbreviations similar to rb

  • RF - Royalty-Free
  • RIFF - Resource Interchange File Format
  • REF - Reference
  • RFI - Radio frequency interference
  • RPA - Remotely piloted aircraft (Unmanned aerial vehicle)
  • RPB 6 - Regional Policy Board 6 (AHA)
  • RVU - Relative value unit
  • RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force
  • RAF - Royal Air Force
  • RAP - Regimental Aid Post [1]
  • RAPI - Reactive Armour Protection
  • RFA - Royal Field Artillery
  • RFP - request for proposals
  • RFPI - Rapid Force Projection Initiative
  • ROF - Royal Ordnance Factory (UK)