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RIO: MeaningCategory
RIORadar Intercept OfficerNavy
RIOAll Airports[Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]IATA Airport Code
RIORed Iron OxideChemistry abbreviations
RIORadx Input Outputcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RIORandom Access Memory Input Outputcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RIORemote Input Outputcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RIOResources Input Optimizationcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RIORiada Internet Objectscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RIORadio Information Officermedia abbreviations and acronyms
RIOReviewers International Organizationmedia abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to rio

  • RA- Resolution advisory (TCAS)
  • RAI- Radio altimeter indicator
  • RAA- Royal Australian Artillery
  • RAE- Royal Aircraft Establishment, Royal Aircraft Establishment (Farnborough)
  • RAO- Rear Area Operations
  • RAW- Rifleman's Assault Weapon
  • RHA- rolled homogeneous armour
  • RO- Royal Ordnance
  • ROE- Rules Of Engagement
  • RR- Recoilless rifle
  • RW- Reconnaissance Wing
  • R- Reinforcing||Right|| Röntgen|| Restricted (movie rating)
  • R0- 99|| R-value (insulation)
  • R2I- Resistance to Interrogation