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RL: MeaningCategory
RLRestricted Line OfficerNavy
RLRelease Line||Real LifeAcronym
RLReaction LevelChemistry abbreviations
RLRecirculated LiquidChemistry abbreviations
RLRead and LookEducational abbreviations
RLReading LevelEducational abbreviations
RLReading ListEducational abbreviations
RLReturn LossElectronics abbreviations
RLRelocatable Librarycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RLRadio Libertymedia abbreviations and acronyms
RLReal Livemedia abbreviations and acronyms
RLReadiness LevelMilitary abbreviations
RLRequested LifetimeMilitary abbreviations
RLRefinement Languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
RLRequirements Languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
RLRounds Lostsports abbreviations
RLRunning Lossessports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to rl

  • REIL- Runway end identifier lights
  • REL- Relative
  • RLY- Relay
  • RHLI- Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Canadian militia regiment)
  • RILA- Retail Industry Leaders Association
  • ROL- Romanian leu (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • RIL- Garfield County Regional Airport
  • RRL- Merrill Municipal Airport
  • RWL- Rawlins Municipal Airport (Harvey Field)
  • RAL- Riverside Municipal Airport
  • RHL- Red Hat Linux
  • RHEL- Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • RLE- Run-Length Encoding
  • RLL- Run-Length Limited
  • REAL- Respect Earned All Life