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rn: Meaning Category
rn Rundi language (Kirundi) (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
Rn: Meaning Category
Rn Radon Acronym
RN: Meaning Category
RN Royal Navy military
RN Registered nurse Medical-organisations
RN Radio Netherlands Acronym
RN Royal Navy||Registered Nurse (US) Acronym
RN Residue Number Chemistry abbreviations
RN Red Neck Community abbreviations
RN Resident Net Community abbreviations
RN Randys Notation computing abbreviations and acronyms
RN Reference Name computing abbreviations and acronyms
RN Render Node computing abbreviations and acronyms
RN Read News media abbreviations and acronyms
RN River Network Non-Profit Organizations
RN Real Nimrod sports abbreviations
RN Room Number University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to rn

  • RAIM - Receiver-autonomous integrity monitoring, also remote autonomous integrity monitoring
  • RMI - Radio magnetic indicator
  • RAAM - Rifle-launched Anti-Armour Munition
  • RAN - Royal Australian Navy
  • REME - Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • RIN - the former Royal Indian Navy
  • RAM - Random Antiterrorism Measure
  • RMA - Registered medical assistant
  • REAM - Retired Educators Association of Minnesota
  • REM - Rapid Eye Movement (sleep phase)||Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
  • RIM - Remote integrated multiplexer, Australian term for a digital loop carrier
  • RINO - Republican In Name Only[1]
  • RM - see separate disambiguation page
  • RNA - RiboNucleic Acid