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RNP: Meaning Category
RNP Required navigation performance avionics
RNP Rongelap Airport [Rongelap Atoll, Marshall Islands] IATA Airport Code
RNP required navigation performance aerospace
RNP Required Navigation Performance computing abbreviations and acronyms
RNP Research for Nursing Practice media abbreviations and acronyms
RNP Remote Network Processor Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to rnp

  • RAMBO - (celestial object) An association of brown dwarfs or white dwarfs form a dark cluster.
  • RAMEP - RAM and Enhanced Performance
  • RAMP - Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (Alberta Oil Sands)
  • RANF - Cray family of random number routines
  • RANFV - Cray family of Vectorized random number routines
  • REMF - Rear Echelon Mother Figure
  • RIMP - Research Institute For Medicinal Plants
  • RMB - Right Mouse Button
  • RMEF - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • RMEFI - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Inc.
  • RMF - Marsa Alam
  • RMFF - Reggie McKenzie Football Foundation
  • RMFI - Reggie McKenzie Foundation, Inc.
  • RMP - Recognised [Operating/Operational] Maritime Picture
  • R-NAV - Area navigation
  • RNB - Ronneby Airport
  • RNF - Russian No-holds-barred Fighting
  • RNFA - Royal Navy Football Association
  • RNIB - Royal National Insitute of Blind people
  • RN of A - Royal Neighbors of America