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RT: MeaningCategory
RTRadiotelephone (voice radio)Navy
RTRadiologic technologistMedical-organisations
RTRespiratory therapist – Respiratory therapyMedical-organisations
RTReal Time||Radio Telephone|| Return to dutyAcronym
RTPCR|| reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (sometimes real-time polymerase chain reaction). Clarified with "quantitative PCR" ("qPCR") or "reverse transcriptase PCR" where appropriate.Acronym
RTReagent TypeChemistry abbreviations
RTRoom TemperatureChemistry abbreviations
RTRapid TransitCommunity abbreviations
RTRead and TradeEducational abbreviations
RTResource TeacherEducational abbreviations
RTRISC TechnologyElectronics abbreviations
RTReal Timecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
RTReader's Theatremedia abbreviations and acronyms
RTReTellmedia abbreviations and acronyms
RTRevision Topicmedia abbreviations and acronyms
RTRoad And Trackmedia abbreviations and acronyms
RTRomantic Timesmedia abbreviations and acronyms
RTReceiver TransmitterMilitary abbreviations
RTReconditioning TestMilitary abbreviations
RTRecovery TeamMilitary abbreviations
RTRestraint to TargetMilitary abbreviations
RTRough TerrainMilitary abbreviations
RTRace Teamsports abbreviations
RTRace Trainsports abbreviations
RTRacing Trainingsports abbreviations
RTRandom Teamsports abbreviations
RTRegulation Tiesports abbreviations
RTRhodes Tower (formerly University Tower, Cleveland State University)University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to rt

  • RAT- Ram air turbine
  • ROD- Rate of descent
  • RTE- Route
  • RAD- Radiation-absorbed dose
  • RDT&E- Research Development Test and Evaluation
  • ROTA- Royal Ordnance Training Ammunition
  • RTT- Roues Transporteur de Troupes
  • ROAD- Retired On Active-Duty
  • RRT- Registered Respiratory Therapist - Respiratory therapy
  • RTU- Real Tomale United
  • RADA- Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  • R&D- Research & Development
  • RD- Radio Disney
  • RDA- Research, Development, and Acquisition
  • RDD- Radiological Dispersion Device
  • RDO- Rapid, Decisive Operation