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RVHR Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, Inc. Non-Profit Organizations

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  • RBAR - Row By Agonizing Row||a derogatory way of describing a technique of scanning a set of records in a database to update or examine the contents of each one. This is the technique of last resort in most cases, since most database operations are optimized when using set based analysis instead of the RBAR method.
  • RBR - Rio Branco International Airport (Presidente Medici Airport)
  • RBRU - Reproductive Biology Research Unit
  • REBAR - Re- Inforcing Bar
  • REBRO - Rebroadcast
  • REEFER - Refrigerated or Cold Storage Unit
  • RFR - Radio Frequency Radiation
  • RIBR - Right In Bay Ridge
  • ROFR - Right of First Refusal (finance)
  • RPR - FOM|| Realtime Platform Reference Federation Object Model ("reaper fomm")
  • RPRA - Resilient Packet Ring Alliance
  • RRPR - Reduced Range Practice Rocket
  • Rubr. - Rubrica ("Rubric")
  • RVR - Runway visual range