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RWS: Meaning Category
RWS Remote weapon system (or station) military
RWS Remote Weapon Station Acronym
RWS Receiver Window Size Electronics abbreviations
RWS Radar Warning System Military abbreviations
RWS Rawinsonde Subsystem Military abbreviations
RWS Re-configurable Workstation Military abbreviations
RWS Remote Workstation Military abbreviations
RWS Revolutionary War Service Military abbreviations
RWS Rigid Wall Shelter Military abbreviations
RWS Radio Wave Study University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to rws

  • ROC - Rate of climb
  • RX - Receiver
  • RHC - Rural health clinic
  • RUGs - Resource utilization groups
  • RAC - Royal Armoured Corps
  • RCC - ROLAND Coordination Center (US)
  • RCS - Radar Cross Section
  • RGGS - Rifle Grenade General Service
  • RIS - Rail Interface System
  • RISE - Reliability Improved Selected Equipment
  • RoK - Republic of Korea
  • RSS - Rosette Scanning Seeker
  • RUC - Royal Ulster Constabulary
  • RAS - Regional Affairs Strategist
  • RQS - Rescue Squadron (formerly ARS)
  • RAG - Replacement Air Group, now known as Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)
  • RACS - Royal Australasian College of Surgeons