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Rx: MeaningCategory
RxMedical prescription (possibly from Latin "recipere", "to take": see entry)Acronym
RX: MeaningCategory
RX(catalog) ROSAT X-ray, a catalog of sources detected by ROSATastronomy
RXRepairable ExchangeMilitary abbreviations
RXReal Xetractorsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
RXRacer Xsports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to rx

  • ROC- Rate of climb
  • RHC- Rural health clinic
  • RUGs- Resource utilization groups
  • RAC- Royal Armoured Corps
  • RCC- ROLAND Coordination Center (US)
  • RCS- Radar Cross Section
  • RGGS- Rifle Grenade General Service
  • RIS- Rail Interface System
  • RISE- Reliability Improved Selected Equipment
  • RoK- Republic of Korea
  • RSS- Rosette Scanning Seeker
  • RUC- Royal Ulster Constabulary
  • RWS- Remote weapon system (or station)
  • RAS- Regional Affairs Strategist
  • RQS- Rescue Squadron (formerly ARS)
  • RAG- Replacement Air Group, now known as Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)
  • RACS- Royal Australasian College of Surgeons