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SAE Society of Automotive Engineers military
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers[1] Acronym
SAE Stamped addressed envelope Acronym
SAE Saattut Heliport [Saattut, Greenland] IATA Airport Code
SAE Science, Aeronautics, and Exploration Educational abbreviations
SAE State Administrative Expense Educational abbreviations
SAE Students Are Exciting Educational abbreviations
SAE Supervised Agricultural Experience Educational abbreviations
SAE Sina App Engine computing abbreviations and acronyms
SAE Systems Application Engineering computing abbreviations and acronyms
SAE Sales, Administration, Editorial media abbreviations and acronyms
SAE Service Acquisition Executive Military abbreviations
SAE Signature Angle Error software abbreviations and acronyms
SAE School of Audio Engineering University abbreviations
SAE Skipped, Absent, Excused University abbreviations
SAE Society And Environment University abbreviations
SAE Students Acquiring Experience University abbreviations
SAE Students As Entrepreneurs University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sae

  • SSO - Standard-Setting Organization
  • SXC - StarOffice Calc
  • SXI - StarOffice Impression
  • SXW - StarOffice Writer
  • SIU - Satellite interface unit
  • SUA - Special use airspace
  • SCH - Sole community hospital
  • SEIU - Service Employees International Union
  • SSA - Social security administration
  • SSI - Supplemental Security Income
  • SC - Subcutaneous
  • s - second(s)
  • S&W - Smith & Wesson
  • SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
  • SSG - Single Shot Gun
  • SSK - Single Shot Kill
  • SSW - Squad Support Weapon
  • SOW - Special Operations Wing
  • Sq - Squadron