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SAG: MeaningCategory
SAGSurface Action GroupNavy
SAGSenior Advocate of Ghanaghana
SAGSagwon Airport[Sagwon, Alaska, United States]IATA Airport Code
SAGStudent Accountability GroupEducational abbreviations
SAGScreen Actors Guildmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SAGSenior Advisory GroupMilitary abbreviations
SAGStudy Advisory GroupMilitary abbreviations
SAGSupplies And GearMilitary abbreviations
SAGSam's Adventure Gamesports abbreviations
SAGStudent Ambassador GroupUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sag

  • SCIC- Significant change in condition
  • SICU- Surgical intensive care unit
  • SEOC- State emergency operations center
  • SAC- Small Arms Collimator
  • SAS- Special Air Service
  • SAWS- Squad Automatic Weapon System
  • SIC- Second in Command
  • SOG- Speed Over Ground
  • SUC- Square Ultra Compact
  • SWC- Semi WadCutter
  • SWS- Sniper Weapon System
  • SAASS- School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
  • SOS- Squadron Officer School or Special Operations Squadron
  • SWAG- Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
  • SSES- Ships Signal Exploitation Space
  • SEC- State Enterprises Commission