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SAS: MeaningCategory
SASSpecial Air Servicemilitary
SASScandinavian Airlines SystemAcronym
SASSecond Avenue SubwayAcronym
SASSituational Awareness SystemAcronym
SASStudies, Analysis and SimulationAcronym
SASSide Angle SideAcronym
SASStatistical Analysis System (original meaning; SAS Institute Inc. has evolved far beyond that scope)Acronym
SASSalton Sea Airport[Salton City, California, United States]IATA Airport Code
SAS(software) Science Analysis Software, a software package used for processing data from the XMM-Newton Observatoryastronomy
SASstability augmentation systemaerospace
SASSerial attached SCSIcomputing
SASSolvent Accessible SurfaceChemistry abbreviations
SASUniversity of St. Andrews - 6Chemistry abbreviations
SASSaturday Afternoon SocietyCommunity abbreviations
SASService, Artistry, SkillCommunity abbreviations
SASSilver Age SentinelsCommunity abbreviations
SASSupportive Australian SistersCommunity abbreviations
SASSchool Age ServicesEducational abbreviations
SASSchool Assessed SubjectEducational abbreviations
SASSelf Assessment SystemEducational abbreviations
SASStudents' Association of SingaporeEducational abbreviations
SASSecondary Antenna SystemElectronics abbreviations
SASSpecial Application SubstrateElectronics abbreviations
SASSerial Attached SCSIcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SASSemicolon After Semicolonmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SASSpiritual Attack Squadmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SASSealed Authenticator SystemMilitary abbreviations
SASSecret Attack SquadMilitary abbreviations
SASSimultaneous Analog StimulationMilitary abbreviations
SASSpecial Air Service (Britain)Military abbreviations
SASSpecial Air ServicesMilitary abbreviations
SASSpecial Airlift SummaryMilitary abbreviations
SASSpecial Ammunition StockageMilitary abbreviations
SASSpecial Ammunition StorageMilitary abbreviations
SASSpecial Armed ServicesMilitary abbreviations
SASSpecial Assault SquadMilitary abbreviations
SASSpeed, Aggression, and SurpriseMilitary abbreviations
SASSuper Army SoldiersMilitary abbreviations
SASSurface Application SytemsMilitary abbreviations
SASSurvivable Adaptive SystemsMilitary abbreviations
SASSynthetic Aperture SonarMilitary abbreviations
SASSystem Analysis and SimulationMilitary abbreviations
SASSounds Across SeasNon-Profit Organizations
SASStudent Assistance ServicesNon-Profit Organizations
SASSearch And Sortsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SASSoftware-as-Servicesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SASStatistical Analysis Softwaresoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SASStatistical Analysis Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SASSouthern All Starssports abbreviations
SASSpeed Agression And Suprisesports abbreviations
SASSpikeys All Starssports abbreviations
SASStretching Aerobic And Strengtheningsports abbreviations
SASStrongbow Admiration Societysports abbreviations
SASSchool for Advanced StudiesUniversity abbreviations
SASStudent Administrative ServicesUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sas

  • SCIC- Significant change in condition
  • SICU- Surgical intensive care unit
  • SEOC- State emergency operations center
  • SAC- Small Arms Collimator
  • SAWS- Squad Automatic Weapon System
  • SIC- Second in Command
  • SOG- Speed Over Ground
  • SUC- Square Ultra Compact
  • SWC- Semi WadCutter
  • SWS- Sniper Weapon System
  • SAASS- School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
  • SOS- Squadron Officer School or Special Operations Squadron
  • SWAG- Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
  • SSES- Ships Signal Exploitation Space
  • SAG- Surface Action Group
  • SEC- State Enterprises Commission