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Sb: Meaning Category
Sb Antimony (Stibium) Chemistry abbreviations
SB: Meaning Category
SB Short Barrel military
SB Sexy Bitch Acronym
SB Sexy Bastard Acronym
SB Sexy Boy (disambiguation) Acronym
SB Solomon Islands (ISO 3166 digram) Acronym
SB Special Warfare Boat Operator Acronym
SB Spina bifida acronyms for diseases and disorders
SB SIT-BO Log oil&gas
SB (celestial object) Spectroscopic Binary astronomy
SB (astrophysics terminology) Surface Brightness astronomy
SB stolen base sports
SB Solvent Based Chemistry abbreviations
SB Single Burial Community abbreviations
SB South Bay Community abbreviations
SB School Based Educational abbreviations
SB Simulated Battery Electronics abbreviations
SB Slow Blow (fuse) Electronics abbreviations
SB Strong Base ion exchange Electronics abbreviations
SB Substrate Backing Electronics abbreviations
SB Self Boot computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Single Bit computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Single Buffer computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Site Builder computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Sort By computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Sound Blaster computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Sql Batch computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB String Block computing abbreviations and acronyms
SB Smart Bits media abbreviations and acronyms
SB Small Boys Military abbreviations
SB Soft Ballistic Military abbreviations
SB Squawk Box Military abbreviations
SB Standby Base Military abbreviations
SB Steel Brigade Military abbreviations
SB Suicide Bomber Military abbreviations
SB Supply Bulletin Military abbreviations
SB Score of Branch sports abbreviations
SB Season's Best sports abbreviations
SB Separated By sports abbreviations
SB Shadow Boxer sports abbreviations
SB SoftBall sports abbreviations
SB Stolen Base sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sb

  • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  • SCHIP - State Children¡¦s Health Insurance Program
  • SOB - Short of breath
  • SAF - Small Arms Fire
  • SAP - Semi-Armour-Piercing
  • SAPHEI - Semi-Armour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
  • SAPI - semi-armour-piercing incendiary
  • SAVA - Standard Army Vectronics Architecture
  • SEP - Soldier Enhancement Programme
  • SFW - Special Forces Weapon
  • shp - shaft horsepower
  • SIP - System Improvement Plan/Programme
  • SJHP - Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
  • SOF - Special Operations Force(s)
  • SOP - Standing/Standard Operational Procedure(s)
  • SP - Shore Patrol
  • SPAW - self-propelled artillery weapon
  • SPH - self-propelled howitzer