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SBS: MeaningCategory
SBSSpecial Boat ServiceAcronym
SBSSpecial Broadcasting ServiceAcronym
SBSSeoul Broadcasting SystemAcronym
SBSShaken baby syndromeacronyms for diseases and disorders
SBSSteamboat Springs Airport (Bob Adams Field)[Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States]IATA Airport Code
SBSSubscriptcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SBSScandinavian Broadcast Servicesmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SBSScandinavian Broadcasting Systemmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SBSStanley Broadcasting System, abbreviations and acronyms
SBSSenior Battle StaffMilitary abbreviations
SBSSmall Bomb SystemMilitary abbreviations
SBSSpecial Boat SquadronMilitary abbreviations
SBSSupport Battle StaffMilitary abbreviations
SBSSocket Batch Scriptsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SBSSave British ScienceUniversity abbreviations
SBSSemester By the SeaUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sbs

  • SVG- Scalable Vector Graphics
  • SABCA- Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques
  • SABS- Stabilizing Automatic Bomb Sight
  • SAFCS- Small Arms Fire Control System
  • SFCS- Simplified Fire-Control System
  • SFSW- Special Forces Support Weapon
  • SIPS- Small Integrated Propulsion System
  • SPAAG- self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
  • SPAG- self-propelled assault gun
  • SPAS- Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun
  • SPG- self-propelled gun
  • SPS- Standard Positioning Service
  • SFS- Security Forces Squadron
  • SOPS- Space Operations Squadron
  • SVS- Services Squadron
  • SBC- Sensotronic Brake Control