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SCORE: MeaningCategory
SCOREStratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Enginemilitary
SCOREService Corps Of Retired ExecutivesCommunity abbreviations
SCORESouth County Outreach And Review EffortCommunity abbreviations
SCORESummer Computer Opportunities For Recreation And EducationCommunity abbreviations
SCORESchools Of California Online Resources For EducationEducational abbreviations
SCORESchools Of California Online Resources For EducatorsEducational abbreviations
SCORESouth Carolina Organization of Residential EducationEducational abbreviations
SCOREStrategic Construction Organizing Representative EducationEducational abbreviations
SCOREStudying Creates Outstanding REsultsEducational abbreviations
SCORESystems Controls Operations Risk EvaluationsMilitary abbreviations
SCORESouthern California Off Road Enthusiastssports abbreviations
SCORESports Consulting For Optimised Results And Efficiencysports abbreviations
SCOREStanding Committee On Research ExchangeUniversity abbreviations
SCOREStudent Course Online Registration EngineUniversity abbreviations
SCOREStudents Choosing Other Recreational EndeavorsUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to score

  • SSR- Secondary surveillance radar
  • SR- Short Rifle
  • SRAW- Short Range Assault Weapon
  • SRI- Short Range Insert
  • SRU- Shop Replaceable Unit
  • SERE- Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
  • SrA- Senior Airman
  • SRW- Shutdown Roving Watch
  • SAR- Saudi riyal (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • SARA- Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy