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SCRAM: MeaningCategory
SCRAMSchool Conflict Resolution And MediationEducational abbreviations
SCRAMSouthern California Regional Amici MadnessEducational abbreviations
SCRAMStatic Column Random Access Memorycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SCRAMSafety Cut Rope Axe ManMilitary abbreviations
SCRAMSelf Contained Robotic Acceleration MachineMilitary abbreviations
SCRAMSoftware Configuration Release And Managementsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to scram

  • SWARM- Stabilised Weapon and Reconnaissance Mount
  • SRAM- Scott (King), Ray (Day), SAM (Patterson)
  • SSRN- Social Science Research Network
  • SRON- (organization) Space Research Organization of the Netherlands
  • SG Iron- Spheroidal Graphite Iron
  • SCORM- Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model (technology to provide synchronization)
  • SHRM- Society For Human Resource Management
  • SRN- Safe Ride News
  • SGRAM- Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
  • SSRAM- Synchronous Static Random Access Memory
  • SRM- Script Running Machine