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SECURE: MeaningCategory
SECURESafe And Effective Communities And Understanding For Response To EmergenciesCommunity abbreviations
SECURESafety Enhanced Communities Utilizing Resident EndeavorsCommunity abbreviations
SECURESafe Environments For Children Using Responsibility EducationEducational abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to secure

  • SASR- Special Air Service Regiment
  • SUGRA- (astrophysics terminology) SUperGRAvity
  • SESAR- Single European Sky ATM Research
  • S., Sacr.- Sacrum ("Sacred")
  • SISR- Speaker Independent Speech Recognition
  • SACEUR- Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
  • SACRA- (French Command and Control System)
  • SECRA- Secondary Radar Data Only
  • SHGR- Self- Heating Group Ration
  • SICOR- Single Intelligence Correlator
  • SICR- Specific Intelligence Collection Requirement
  • SIGIR- Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
  • SOCEUR- Special Operations Component, United States European Command
  • SOSR- Suppress, Obscure, Secure, and Reduce
  • SUCR- Single-Use Camera Reader
  • SIQR- Summer Institute in Qualitative Research