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SERA: MeaningCategory
SERASequential Electrochemical Reduction AnalysisElectronics abbreviations
SERASuper Extra Really Awesome/and in some corners mean-spirited meaning has meandered menacingly to; 'awfoulsum', Ed/FMF 09/95/13media abbreviations and acronyms
SERASystem for Ethiopic Representation in ASCIIsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to sera

  • SSR- Secondary surveillance radar
  • SCORE- Stratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Engine
  • SR- Short Rifle
  • SRAW- Short Range Assault Weapon
  • SRI- Short Range Insert
  • SRU- Shop Replaceable Unit
  • SERE- Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
  • SrA- Senior Airman
  • SRW- Shutdown Roving Watch
  • SAR- Saudi riyal (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • SARA- Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy